General Information

April 28 (Tues) – June 14 (Sun), 2015
Special Exhibition Gallery A, Fukuoka Art Museum
Open Hours
9:30~17:30pm (admission till 17:00)
Closed Day
Mondays except on May 4 (Mon); May 7 (Thurs) will be closed instead.
Admission fee
Adults 1,300yen (1,100yen), College & High School Students 800yen (600yen), Middle & Primary School Students 500yen (300yen)

* The prices in the brackets are tickets sold in advance, for groups of 20 people or more and for the people who are 65 years old or above.

* The following people are admitted free by presenting the following ID, Pass, or Proof.
Public Health Welfare ID, Physically Disabled ID, Rehabilitation ID for Mentally Disabled
(plus one medical helper is permitted for the above)
Proof of Medical Recipient for Specified Diseases, Congenial Blood Coagulation Genetic Disability and Specific Chronic Childhood Diseases

Ticket Sold at
Lawson Ticket (L code: 84098), Ticket Pier (P code:766-659), Seven Eleven, E-Plus・Family Mart and other major Play Guides. (Handling charge maybe added for E-Ticket).
Fukuoka Art Museum, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Company, Limited, Nishinippon Shimbun

Outline of the Exhibition

From the 9th century to the 15th century, focusing on the current region of Cambodia, the proud influential power of the Angkor Dynasty left the magnificent splendor of stone-made art from the Hindu and Buddhist religions, which is representative of the World Heritage Angkor Wat. This exhibition will introduce the formative beauty of the religious sculptures in the Indochina peninsula, focusing on a group of three-dimensional stone statues from before the 8th century of pre Angkor era to the Angkor Dynasty.

  • Brahma, Cambodia, 3rd quarter of the 10th century
  • Buddha Protected by Naga, Cambodia, 11th century
  • Ganesha, Cambodia, Latter half of the 10th cetury
  • Prajna-paramita, Cambodia, Latter half of the 10th century
  • Vajimukha, Cambodia, 3rd quarter of the 10th century
  • Head of Buddha, Myanmar , 11-13th century

*In Japanese language only

1. Commemorative Lecture “The Sculptures of the Khmer Era and Change of Forms”

Date & Time
May 16 (Sat), 2015, 14:00 ~ 15:30
Noriki Shimazu, Southeast Asia Art Researcher
Limited to
240 people
How to apply
Accepted by postal, fax or email
Please state zip code, address, name, phone number and number of participants and send to the below:
Nishinippon Shimbun Event Service “The Path to Angkor Wat”
1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
Fax No. 092-731-5210

* Should you wish to apply with two people, please state both names.

* Personal information shall only be used for correspondence of this event.

No later than May 1 (Fri)

2. Tsukinami Monthly Lecture “The Artifacts and Art of Angkor Era”

Date & Time
May 23 (Sat), 14:00 ~ 15:30
Hisashi Goto, Curator, Fukuoka Art Museum
Lecture Room
Limited to
50 people (in the order of arrival. Reception starts at 13:30)