Picture Story: Ms. and Mr. Rainbow

Ay-O (Ibaraki/1931-)
acrylic on canvas 427.2x146.6cm

This work is one of the representative works by this artist, and some 10 works from this series have been assembled in narrative fashion by the museum with the agreement of the artist. At first these figures seem to be like earthlings, people from outer space, or a utopian Adam and Eve in their story book-like, humorous Pop Art expression. However, what draws our eye is the artist's unique use of the rainbow spectrum. Recognized as a member of the avant-garde, he discards all of normal existence as he creates entirely innovative works. Then he dissects and reconstructs his entire work, transforming the entire image into inspired images of rainbow stripes. Ay-O has become known as the "rainbow painter."

Aoki, Shigeru
Brancusi, Constantin
Chagall, Marc
Collin, Louis-Joseph-Raphaël
Delvaux, Paul
Dubuffet, Jean
Flanagan, Barry
Fujino, Kazutomo
Kapoor, Anish
Matsumoto, Shunsuke
Migishi, Kotaro
Miro, Joan
Rothko, Mark
Saito, Yoshishige
Stella, Frank
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Yoshida, Hiroshi