©Estate of Ben Shahn/ VAGA, New York & SPDA, Tokyo, 2002

Leaping Hare on Crescent and Bell

Barry FLANAGAN (U.K./1941-)
bronze 365.8x182.9x274.5cm

Flanagan began working as a sculptor in the 1960s and is known for his works made up of bags stuffed with sand or plaster. In the 1980s he began to create representational sculpture of animals. His most common motif is the hare, as seen here. Flanagan poses his hares as if they were people, sometimes in stretched leg sinuous jump, or dancing, or gazing into a telescope. Here the thin form of the crescent moon and the weighty feel of the round bell make a contrasting pair for the hare to jump over, and indeed, they may symbolize the human spirit overcoming time and gender.

Aoki, Shigeru
Brancusi, Constantin
Chagall, Marc
Collin, Louis-Joseph-Raphaël
Delvaux, Paul
Dubuffet, Jean
Flanagan, Barry
Fujino, Kazutomo
Kapoor, Anish
Matsumoto, Shunsuke
Migishi, Kotaro
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Warhol, Andy
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