Basra Gate II
(Protractor Series)


Frank STELLA (U.S.A/1936-)
polymer and fluorescent polymer paint on canvas 153.0x305.8cm
  Since Abstract Expressionism, American painters have been focused on the unification of an image with its canvas and the removal of all depth from an image. Stella sought an answer to this dilemma by cutting his canvas to size and then unifying it with a depicted stripe pattern. This work has a unified form of repeated stripe pattern and the semi-circular canvas shape. The viewer can readily identify these external characteristics of the work, but in them cannot find a clue to their internal meaning. Stella was interested in having the paintings themselves question the true nature of painting, and as a result, "painting" was normally the subject of his paintings.
©Frank Stella / ARS, New York / JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018

Aoki, Shigeru
Brancusi, Constantin
Chagall, Marc
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Dubuffet, Jean
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