©The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat / ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018


Jean-Michel BASQUIAT (U.S.A/1960-U.S.A/1988)
acrylic and mixed media on canvas 223.5x195.5cm

Basquiat became known as a graffiti artist in late 1970s New York, when black Hip Hop music and breakdancing were in their prime, and then as one of the star artists of the 1980s. Born to Puerto Rican parents, Basquiat struggled in the white man's art world, creating his own distinctive realm in a brief moment, but then died of drug overdose at the young age of 27, as if racing past the age. This work was created when Basquiat was 24. The graffiti-like symbols and letters, and the tangled images go beyond a simple single meaning, standing rather as a paean to the cacophony of New York's energetic, diversely bustling streets.

Aoki, Shigeru
Brancusi, Constantin
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Matsumoto, Shunsuke
Migishi, Kotaro
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