©1998 Kate Rothko Prizel & Christopher Rothko / ARS, New York / JASPAR, Tokyo


Mark ROTHKO (Russia/1903-U.S.A/1970)
oil on canvas 175.6x137.8cm

Purplish red and white rectangles with edges that seem to blur towards the edges of the canvas. The clear colors and shapes invite the viewer into a deeply meditative state. But that means the viewer must distance himself from the everyday world and sink into the internal world. Rothko wanted his viewers to have this kind of experience. He envisioned a new realm that surpasses that of our own psyches, where we discard the world seen with our eyes and turn out backs on fickle people. This was also a mood of the age shared by the Abstract Expressionist painters who sought to create new paintings which discarded all influence from European art.

Aoki, Shigeru
Brancusi, Constantin
Chagall, Marc
Collin, Louis-Joseph-Raphaël
Delvaux, Paul
Dubuffet, Jean
Flanagan, Barry
Fujino, Kazutomo
Kapoor, Anish
Matsumoto, Shunsuke
Migishi, Kotaro
Miro, Joan
Rothko, Mark
Saito, Yoshishige
Stella, Frank
Tomita, Keisen
Warhol, Andy
Yoshida, Hiroshi