Peinture XXVIII 1955

Antoni Tàpies (Spain/1923-Spain/2012)
mixed-media on canvas 194.5x129.7cm
Born in Barcelona, Tàpies is known as one of the leading artists in the Informel painting movement, an internationally popular trend in art which also flourished in his hometown after the second World War. Influenced in his youth by Surrealism and Oriental philosophy, Tàpies also had a strong affection for his homeland Catalonia and while his works display a sense of fantasy that might be termed mysterious, the surfaces of the paintings, created using not only paint but other material as well, also convey a unique, almost earthy richness. In this work too, the surface, covered with many layers of paint, gives the painting a heavy sense of reality. In addition, the yellow cross at the top of the composition adds an indescribable feeling of liberation to the entire work. The work is a straightforward example of the material quality of Tàpies's work.
©Comissió Tàpies, JASPAR, Tokyo, VEGAP, Madrid, 2018

Arakawa, Shusaku
Dali, Salvador
Fujimori, Shizuo
Kikuhata, Mokuma
Kojima, Zenzaburo
Kollwitz, Kathe
Kusama, Yayoi
Paik, Nam June
Sakamoto, Hanjiro
Sakurai, Takami
Segal, George
Shiraga, Kazuo
Staël, Nicolas de
Sugai, Kumi
Tàpies, Antoni
Tasaki, Hirosuke
Tinguely, Jean
Yanagi, Miwa
Yoshihara, Jiro
Yoshimura, Tadao