Next Departure 1979

George SEGAL (U.S.A./1924-U.S.A./2000)
plaster, metal, plastic, wood, paper and vinyl
Three figures clutching their luggage stand at the boarding gate waiting to get on a bus about to depart. Segal's sculptures, which pick up and present singular moments from mundane life in American society, seem to reveal the feeling of isolation and the anxieties of urban residents, hidden behind the glittering world of consumer culture. Segal became famous in the early 1960s for his environmental type of sculpture, created from plaster casts, which were taken directly from live human models and then combined with actual props and materials to replicate actual people. All his life, Segal reflected on the everyday life of ordinary human beings around him, capturing in his works a single moment in their individual dramas.

©The George and Helen Segal Foundation / VAGA, New York & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018

Arakawa, Shusaku
Dali, Salvador
Fujimori, Shizuo
Kikuhata, Mokuma
Kojima, Zenzaburo
Kollwitz, Käthe
Kusama, Yayoi
Paik, Nam June
Sakamoto, Hanjiro
Sakurai, Takami
Segal, George
Shiraga, Kazuo
Staël, Nicolas de
Sugai, Kumi
Tàpies, Antoni
Tasaki, Hirosuke
Tinguely, Jean
Yanagi, Miwa
Yoshihara, Jiro
Yoshimura, Tadao