Mt. Sakurajima

TASAKI Hirosuke
oil on canvas

Tasaki was a Western-style painter born in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture. At the age of 22, he left his hometown for Tokyo in spite of his family's opposition and aspired to become a painter, studying under SAKAMOTO Hanjiro, who was also from the same region. Tasaki studied in Paris for about two years in the early 1930s and after his return to Japan was active in the art world, mainly exhibiting his works in the Issuikai and Nitten exhibitions. He is particularly well known for his depictions of Japan's famous mountains, including Mt. Aso and Mt. Sakurajima. This work, painted when the artist was 70 years old, is also one of his masterpieces on the subject of mountains. With its full frontal portrayal of the large and solid Mt. Sakurajima, it is an impressive work and the composition, painted in bold colors with thickly applied brush-strokes, has a rich decorative quality that conveys the strength and enthusiasm of the artist.

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