Warm Sunshine and Summer Breeze

YOSHIMURA Tadao (Fukuoka/1898-Tokyo/1952)
colored pigment on silk, hanging scroll

This work depicts a woman clothed in the attire of the Tempyo Era(A.D.8c). Yoshimura had begun to study the Imperial treasures of the Shosoin Temple while still a student at the Tokyo Art School and continued to do so until around the time of the creation of this painting. The fruits of his studies are fully apparent in the fine details of the clothing and furnishings in this painting. Flowers - hollyhocks and pinks - are painted in based on careful observation, creating a beautiful harmony and the polished atmosphere of the painting seems to convey the essence of Tempyo Civilization. Yoshimura was born in Kitakyushu City and studied Japanese-style painting at the Tokyo Art School under MATSUOKA Eikyu. He was particularly skilled at this type of historical genre painting, and led an active career as an artist, exhibiting his works mainly in the govermental exhibition.

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