Ewer with Brown and White Glaze

Thailand, Si Satchanalai kilns
14th-16th century
H.27.4 cm

An onion-shaped body surmounted by a small bowl, a dragon handle and phoenix spout make this ewer a humorous, individualistic piece. Fired at the Si Satchanalai kilns of central Thailand, this vessel combines an innovative approach with elaborate technique in a manner that sets it apart from other examples. The large, bordered medallions on each side of the body contain representations of scrolling plants and snakes with human faces---decoration influenced, perhaps, by folk tales. Moreover, the fact that this piece is entirely undamaged, plus the excellent artistic tension found in its execution, make it an extremely fine and rare work. This ewer was recently brought from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, market for many exports from the Si Satchanalai kilns.

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