The auditorium can be used for lectures and art classes related to the exhibitions held at the museum.

The auditorium (Space 308 square meters)

Seating capacity: 246
Fees for use per hour: 1,800yen

  8mm projector 440 yen /hour
  16mm projector 770 yen /hour
  VTR set 550 yen /hour
  Set of spotlights 220 yen /hour
  Set of microphones 220 yen /hour
  Slide Projector 440 yen /hour
For necessary procedures regarding use of the facilities above,
please call the museum at 092-714-6051
Make sure to call and check the availabilities first.
Fill out the application form for use of the facility and either hand-carry the form, or send it by fax or mail.
Please click here for the application form for use of the facility-->