1. Conditions for use
No special conditions exist. However, the number of applications always exceeds that of the actual number of galleries. Therefore, all the applications cannot be accepted due to the adjustment of the number made by the museum.

For further information, please call the museum at 092-714-6051.

2. Period for application
For use between July and December.... Applications received from January 5 through January 31 in the same year
For use between January and June.... Applications received from July 1 through July 31 in the previous year.

+Please submit your completed application form during the application period.

Please click here for the application form for use of the facility-->

+Concerning the use of personal information
The name of applicants and their phone numbers will be introduced in our museum publications.

Please understand and be guided accordingly.

3. Period for use
7 days from Monday through Sunday including the days for mounting and dismantling make one unit.

4. Fees for use of the galleries
Temporary Special Exhibition Gallery B Per day 6,800 yen
Civic Galleries(for each gallery) Per day 3,300 yen
+ The fees above will be doubled if admission is charged on visitors.

5. Usable length of wall space of each gallery
Temporary Special Exhibition Gallery B.... 108m
Civic Gallery A.... 49m
Civic Gallery B.... 59m
Civic Gallery C.... 56m
Civic Gallery D.... 58m

Please refer to the floor plan of each gallery in the Facility Guide in General Information.

6. Fees for use of equipment
Movable display cases(9) Per day for one 300yen
Size of the case(exterior) H105cm, W210cm, D80cm

For inquiries about the plan and equipment, please call the museum at 092-714-6051.

7. Size of conveyor elevator and the entrance of the galleries
Conveyor elevator W 220cm, D 342cm, H 300cm
Entrance of the galleries Temporary Special Exhibition Gallery B W 392cm, H 315cm
@ Civic Galleries (each) W 180cm, H 312cm
8. For displaying heavy works such as sculptures
Thorough prior discussion with the museum is requested.

For inquiries about the necessary procedures for use of the facilities,
please call the museum at 092-714-6051.