This Is Our Collection/これがわたしたちのコレクション

1 松本竣介《彫刻と女》 1948年 2 小早川 清《旗亭涼宵》1933年
3 重要文化財 吉野山図茶壺 野々村仁清 江戸時代 4 重要文化財 薬師如来立像(部分) 平安時代

1 MATSUMOTO Shunsuke / Woman with Sculpture / 1948
2 KOBAAYAKAWA Kiyoshi / Cool Evening at a Restaurant / 1933
3 Tea Leaf Jar with Design of Mt. Yoshino (Important Cultural Property) / NONOMURA Ninsei /Japan / 17th century
4 Standing Yakushi-nyorai(Bhaisajyaguru.)(Important Cultural Property)(portion) / Japan / 11th-12th century


It comprises the pre-modern art and modern & contemporary art. From the earthenware in B.C. to contemporary art in the 21st century as well as Asia, Africa and European art, a global scale view will be shown. While introducing the history of how the museum collections came about. Therefore; all the collections that are representative of the Fukuoka Art Museum will be exhibited.