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Outline of the ExhibitionOutline

“Godzilla,” made by Toho Co.,Ltd. in 1954, has been the nonpareil movie in that the SFX gave it a very real image and the movie has the social theme of the serious doubt about scientific technology–the influence of the H-bomb test brought about Godzilla, the Daikaiju(Giant Monster). The movie “Godzilla” established a genre of tokusatsu(SFX) in Japanese movies, and twenty eight works were produced by 2004. “Godzilla” has been evaluated all over the world and was also made in USA. On July 29, 2016, a new Godzilla movie “Shin-Godzilla” will be released, produced after twelve-year interval in Japan.
In this exhibition, we will introduce the limitless charm of the material of Godzilla, and revaluate the imagination, creation and expression of Japanese movie people by paying attention to miniatures, designs, plans, document photos, illustrations and also three dimensional works based on the character of Godzilla. moreover, some exhibits related to the new movie “Shin-Godzilla” are planned to be shown in this exhibition.