Plutonian 1993

Nam June PAIK (Korea/1932-U.S.A/2006)
TV, radio, camera, speaker, mirror etc.

Approximately forty years have already gone by since Paik created works making full use of television and video images. In 1960, both television and video were new to the world but Paik was quick to take note of them and create a new form of expression for the "media age." At the base of his expression was the Dadaist philosophy looking to overcome the distinction between different genres of art such as music and the visual arts and going even further to violate the boundaries between art and everyday life. This work, which uses television sets as objets d'art, is a "television sculpture" and a forerunner of the "Family of Robot" series presented in 1986. The sweet but somehow eerie appearance of the work seems to convey Paik's anarchistic ideals on art.

Arakawa, Shusaku
Dali, Salvador
Fujimori, Shizuo
Kikuhata, Mokuma
Kojima, Zenzaburo
Kollwitz, Käthe
Kusama, Yayoi
Paik, Nam June
Sakamoto, Hanjiro
Sakurai, Takami
Segal, George
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Staël, Nicolas de
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Tàpies, Antoni
Tasaki, Hirosuke
Tinguely, Jean
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