Lecture rooms are comprised of 3 rooms: Lecture Room, Civic Studio for Painting and Civic Studio for Printmaking. Anyone is free to use them as long as the purpose is related to art and not for profit making. The Lecture Room is for small art classes, lecture programs and workshops. The Civic Studio for Painting and Printmaking are furnished with necessary equipment for painting and print-making. They are used for museum-sponsored studio programs and citizens' creative activities. The following shows the equipment of each room.

Lecture Room (Space 140 square meters/54 seats)

Fee for use per hour: 900 yen
  Slide projector(2) 440 yen/hour
  VTR set 550 yen/hour
  Set of Microphones 220 yen/hour

Civic Studio for Painting (Space 123 square meters)

Fee for use per hour: 900 yen (including equipment)
  Easels 37/Plaster figures 15 kinds

Civic Studio for Printmaking (Space 87 square meters)

Fee for use per hour :900 yen(including equipment)

Press for etching Large 1, small 1
Press for lithographs Large 1, small 1
Vacuum press for silkscreens Large 1, small 1
Set of plate cutters and plate warmers
+Use of the equipment requires supervision of experienced personnel for safety and maintenance of the machinery.

For necessary procedures regarding use of the facilities above,
please call the museum at 092-714-6051
Make sure to call and check the availabilities first.
Fill out the application form for use of the facility and either hand-carry the form, or send it by fax or mail.
Please click here for the application form for use of the facility-->