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1972 January Former mayor Abe Genzo publicly announced the establishment of an art museum in Fukuoka City.
1973 November Tokoin Temple (an incorporated religious organization) gifted 85 works of Buddhist art to the Fukuoka City Board of Education. (They were later transferred to our museum.)
1974 December The 1st Art Material Acquisition Committee was convened. At the Seaside by Raphaël Collin was purchased as the first work in the museum’s collection.
1978 September The Kuroda family gifted 440 works (425 pieces of pre-modern art, 15 of modern and contemporary art, related to the Fukuoka domain of the Kuroda family.) (Some pieces were entrusted or purchased afterward.)
October Dancer Listening to Organ in a Gothic Cathedral by Joan Miro was purchased.
1979 November The Fukuoka Art Museum opened on November 3. The special inaugural exhibition Asian Artists Exhibition Part I: Modern Asian Art – India, China and Japan was held.
In the autumn of the following year, Asian Artists Exhibition Part II Festival: Contemporary Asian Art Show, 1980 was held. This was the original form of the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, now held at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
1980 March When the Matsunaga Memorial Museum Foundation closed, 371 works were gifted to the museum (among them 369 pieces of pre-modern art, including an Important Cultural Property, Tea Leaf Jar with Design of Mt. Yoshino, by Nonomura Ninsei).
1990 October Some of the Kuroda Family Treasures, including Gold Seal (National Treasure), Renowned Nihon-go (a spear with long blade) and other historical materials were transferred to the Fukuoka City Museum.
1995 December Recognizing that an Asian art museum would be established in Fukuoka in the near future, Madonna of Port Lligat by Salvador Dali was purchased as a new centerpiece of our collection in lieu of Asian modern art.
1996 November A masterpiece of antique Kyushu ceramics, a large covered dish with flower and bird design in enamel in the Kakiemon style (Arita ware) was purchased.
1999 March 672 pieces from the Asian modern art collection were transferred to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
2016 September From September 1, the Fukuoka Art Museum temporarily closed almost for two and a half years due to a large-scale renovation.
2019 March On March 21, Reopening of the Fukuoka Art Museum.